ICC Education Sub-Committee: Invitation for New Members

The AMC Interchapter Climbing Committee (ICC) is looking for new members to join its education sub-committee. ICC/Education Committee Mission Statement The overarching goal is that AMC climbing activities be conducted in the safest manner and with the highest possible quality for the protection of natural resources and the enjoyment of our members and the public.  … Continue reading ICC Education Sub-Committee: Invitation for New Members

Getting started with rock climbing gear

Getting into any new activity can sometimes feel daunting, confusing, even intimidating. Climbing is no exception. The lingo, the gear, the skill set, the climbing styles, and the cost can be a lot to take in for beginners. I was lucky enough to start climbing with a mentor who showed me the ropes (pun intended) … Continue reading Getting started with rock climbing gear

Outdoor BIPOC voices

I’m proud to have a committee as diverse as ours, but we still have a lot to improve and learn from others in our community. Below are some BIPOC voices from our community that we found resourceful. We’ll be updating this list on a continual basis. Growing up Asian in the American South by Wai … Continue reading Outdoor BIPOC voices

A Message from our Chapter Chair

To our community,  As the oldest chapter in the oldest outdoor conservation non-profit in the country, it’s important for AMC NY/NoJ to communicate where we stand on important issues. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and condemn the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others who have suffered due … Continue reading A Message from our Chapter Chair

Let’s go on a run….

On Saturday, June 6th, 2020, Half Marathon World Record holder Geoffrey Kamworor will be joining AMC climbers Cara Dorney, Kalli Schumacher, Ryan Tang, and RJ Lau in a global virtual relay marathon. Geoffrey will be running in Kenya and the AMC climbers will running their legs in New York. Geoffrey is the man with the … Continue reading Let’s go on a run….

Dear Climbers….

RJ and Bill Fogel (Berkshires) from AMC's InterChapter Climbing Committee along with Local Climbing Organizations in the Northeast region met virtually over the past few weeks to discuss what climbing may look like as we start to reopen.  We put together guidelines to help you climb safely and minimize impacts to the communities that host … Continue reading Dear Climbers….

Anthony’s Journey

Written by Anthony Leong, Education Chair. Edited by Cara Dorney & RJ Lau. In this series, you'll get to know your committee members, and their unique backgrounds. We come from all walks of life and are a reflection of our diverse communities. This is Anthony’s journey. 九十年代當我還是一個中學生,我開始攀岩,那是在我的家鄉 -- 澳門。 後來移居到了紐約,我嘗試重新尋找我的攀岩伙伴,但當時的我朋友不多,英語不好,當我問我身邊的朋友/同學/同事/表兄弟,根本沒有人感興趣,還覺得我是太瘋狂。 自己沒車去不了Gunks 野攀;紐約沒有岩館不容易開始 (當時 Chelsea 有一面高牆,但我沒有攀岩伙伴,而且對於當時的我,費用實在太高);互聯網還在初期,不像現在有各種渠道尋找伙伴...等因素,使我暫時不能攀岩,那時真令我心灰意冷。後來我只好尋找徙步的朋友,再從徒步朋友中慢慢誘惑他(她)們嘗試更具技術性的一些活動,直到一天 … Continue reading Anthony’s Journey

Climbing & Covid-19

First and foremost, please adhere to all local, state, and federal guidelines before venturing outdoors. If you do venture outdoors, please recreate locally. A lot of our crags are in rural areas, where the influx of climbers can be catastrophic to that communities healthy and safety. Access Fund will be holding a webinar on Thursday, … Continue reading Climbing & Covid-19