Gear Guide

So you’ve joined a climbing gym, taken an intro class, and are ready to jump head first into the world of rock climbing. But where do you begin?

Getting into climbing can be as overwhelming as it is exhilarating. In addition to knots, movement, etiquette, and much more, there’s a seemingly infinite amount of gear. Is there a difference between a runner and a sling? How much does the shape of the carabiner matter? We’ve all been there.

The list below attempts to make it easier by including only the essential items you’ll need to get outside and safely hit the crag. However, gear you buy and the path you taken will depend on your individual goals. The list below covers some of the basics and includes links to suggested brands/items, but as always it’s best to do your research and consult an expert where possible.


Sport Climbing & Beyond the Basics

Trad Climbing & Advanced