ICC Education Sub-Committee: Invitation for New Members

The AMC Interchapter Climbing Committee (ICC) is looking for new members to join its education sub-committee.

ICC/Education Committee Mission Statement

The overarching goal is that AMC climbing activities be conducted in the safest manner and with the highest possible quality for the protection of natural resources and the enjoyment of our members and the public.  Specifically the ICC will:

  • Share best practices on climbing methods, programs, leader development and climbing ethics (e.g. land use, leave no trace).
  • Facilitate cross-organizational cooperation on matters that are important to climbers including leadership training and alignment, and capacity building. This committee can also make recommendations in terms of leadership and Outdoor Leadership Development Committee, or other appropriate body. 
  • Heighten the engagement of AMC’s climbing community in AMC priorities, policy building, and volunteer development and training.
  • Participate in the Outdoor Leadership and Development Committee to provide input on the development and implementation of safety guidelines relating to climbing activities within AMC’s region (specifically within 500 miles of AMC’s chapter boundaries).

Calling new recruits!

Across the AMC, we’re looking for climbers interested in getting involved with some of the initiatives the ICC has going around education and external org collaboration. There is no expectation that you are a current trip leader with the AMC or an expert climber, only that you are passionate about the sport.

If you would like to join, please reach out to us at climbing@amc-ny.org

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