Getting started with rock climbing gear

Getting into any new activity can sometimes feel daunting, confusing, even intimidating. Climbing is no exception. The lingo, the gear, the skill set, the climbing styles, and the cost can be a lot to take in for beginners. I was lucky enough to start climbing with a mentor who showed me the ropes (pun intended) and guided me along the way. While I’d argue the culture around climbing is inclusive, it’s not always so easy to find a mentor willing to take you through the growing pains of starting out, especially if you aspire to bigger objectives.

No matter your ultimate goal, the first step to getting there is being properly equipped with the right gear at the right time. We’ve put together a gear guide here which walks you through the essentials at each stage of the journey and for different climbing disciplines.

Feel free to email us with any questions. As a committee we’ve made a lot of gear purchases. Some good, some questionable. We’re always open to sharing our experience.

Climb well, be safe, and keep in touch.

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